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Hp x360 EE Chromebook with Stylus #teardown4ed

Out of the convertible tablets that I tested, I liked the HP x360 the most.   If you want the stylus make sure to request that version at the time you purchase it, because it is not something you can easily add-on later.

Ziteboard web-based whiteboard

Ziteboard is a very simple quick web-based whiteboard that works on Chromebooks. This is my app of choice as an alternative to Smart Notebook.

Asus C213 unboxing, review & teardown #teardown4ed

This video I am looking at how well the Asus C213 might workout in a 1:1 Chromebook school.

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VtFest 2017: Live Chromebook Teardown (and giveaway) #Teardown4Ed

Each year we look at what devices we need to purchase. We look at reviews and try and get some test models. In this session we will not only get a hands-on look at several devices, we will physically take them apart and see how they can be self-maintained by the school itself.

Chromebooks I have to look at:

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About each device

(This will be updated after the session)

Acer Spin 11


  • Tablet mode with full 360 degree hinge
  • Only Education Edition comes with stylus
  • Battery is free floating and not mounted
  • Changing the keyboard is not simple

Asus C202 


  • Non-touch, but it does have a 180 degree hinge so it can lie flat on a table.
  • Has proven a great device in FHUHS's 1:1 program.

HP 11 G5


  • Non-touch
  • Looks like it will hold-up over time
  • Screws are awkwardly placed
  • Screen does not fold down all the way



  • Touchscreen, with 180 degree hinge only.
  • No stylus
  • Swivel camera so that it can be both outward and self facing.
  • Optional whiteboard cover

HP x360 EE

Video to come
HP provides "Disassembly Instructions":


  • Tablet mode with full 360 degree hinge.
  • There are 2 versions of the Education Edition, one that includes a digitizer and stylus, and one that does not. 
  • Screws are placed under rubber feet.

Asus C213

Video to come


  • Tablet mode with full 360 degree hinge.
  • At time of purchase make sure to ask for the version that includes the digitizer and stylus if you want that feature.  
  • Worried about back access panel.  This seems like it has a lot of potential to come off and expose components. 

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