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Edu on Air: Creating a culture: Google Apps add-on slam

Edu On Air 2015 event page: https://plus.google.com/u/0/events/c7cndlfsplecdcjfqgf5as1rj3c

My school went 1:1 this year which meant a whirlwind of change. Creating this new culture meant creating or adapting school workflows. I'll showcase the add-ons that have helped me like autoCrat for automated Mail Merges, Choice Eliminator for parent teacher conferences, CheckItOut and Lab Scheduler.  Also my newest add-on EZ Query.

This session is part of Education on Air, the free online conference from Google. Register for free at http://goo.gl/Gkww6N.

The journey of creating a culture.
  1. Get everybody on board, starting with the office staff and administration
  2. Change common workflows
  3. Give teachers time to start using it in the classroom. 

Workflows that I have changed and the tools I used to help me do it.

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Announcing EZ Query Add-on

EZ Query will help make spreadsheets and form data easily readable.  The Add-on utilizes the built-in query function, so data is always up to date.  With this add-on you can easily select the columns to show and add filters so you only see want.

Get unique values from a column in Google Sheets, without spaces

Example spreadsheet.

Column B is: =UNIQUE(A:A)
Column C is: =ARRAYFORMULA(if(B:B="","",countif(A:A,B:B)))

Unique ~ pulls the unique values form the submissions. You can combine this inside a sort and at least variations of languages will show up close to each other.

ARRAYFORMULA ~ is a magic function that allows you to apply a formulat that is normally set for a single line to an entire dataset (aka row).

if(B:B="","", ~ is something I found on the internet that allows ArrayFormula to not process blank spaces.

If you are looking for unique matches in a data set that might contain variations of terms then I suggest the Sheet Add-on: Fuzzy Matches

=sort(UNIQUE(C2:C)) also works for grabbing a column and pulling just the unique values without spaces.