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Greenscreen Wall and WeVideo

So my work just got a new video camera and I really wanted to find a project to play with.  We also have a large painted greenscreen wall.    This was my quick introduction into greenscreen, and the things that you can do.

Be Smart On Air #31: Edu Tech Talk

Having fun with a former/current follower turned podcaster +Niilo Alhovaara on his "Be Smart On Air" podcast.

Hp x360 EE Chromebook with Stylus #teardown4ed

Out of the convertible tablets that I tested, I liked the HP x360 the most.   If you want the stylus make sure to request that version at the time you purchase it, because it is not something you can easily add-on later.

Ziteboard web-based whiteboard

Ziteboard is a very simple quick web-based whiteboard that works on Chromebooks. This is my app of choice as an alternative to Smart Notebook.